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The Impact of Magnesium and Electrolytes on Intracellular Structures and Function


full spectrum mineral analysis

EXA Test
® is a noninvasive, medical diagnostic procedure for measuring dynamic intracellular
  mineral electrolyte levels.

  EXA Test® is a reliable noninvasive method  using rapidly metabolizing sublingual epithelial cells
  under Analytical Scanning Electron Microscopy, (ASEM,) an Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis, (EXA,)
  to reflect fast tissue changes of vital mineral electrolytes.

  EXA Test® provides results that correlate with heart, muscle, and  deep organ tissue. EXA results do not
  correlate with blood.
EXA provides information not available through blood or serum tests. Essential mineral
  electrolytes are most prominent in epithelial tissue not in blood: for example, 99% of magnesium is found in
  soft tissue and only 1% is found in blood.

EXA Test® results assists the physician with diagnosis, treatment protocols, management of heart disease
  and other complex conditions where mineral electrolyte deficiency or imbalance is confirmed. Quality of Life
  studies are published in peer review journals.

  • Healthcare professionals perform an office based non-invasive
    60 second specimen collection.
  •  IntraCellular Diagnostic's EXA Test® offers you  tissue evaluations
     for the intracellular status of:

          MAGNESIUM         CALCIUM             POTASSIUM              
          PHOSPHORUS      SODIUM               CHLORIDE

  EXA Test® allows the Healthcare Provider to monitor and screen cellular mineral electrolyte
  balance objectively and repeatedly and follow a patient's metabolic physical status.

  EXA is the physician's solution to the continuing problem of accurately measuring dynamic intracellular
  mineral electrolyte levels that impact a patient's quality of life.

  •    IntraCellular Diagnostics, Inc.  is: CLIA approved, California and Oregon State Licensed, an
       Independent Clinical laboratory and a Specialty Reference Laboratory. Eligible for Medicare and
       Private Insurance Coverage. We accept assignment.

    full spectrum mineral analysis

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