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  Analytical Scanning Electron Microscopy

is an Energy Dispersive X-Ray

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Proprietary ASEM Analysis for Tissue Electrolytes


full spectrum mineral analysis

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  Buccal cell under ASEM


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full spectrum mineral analysis


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full spectrum mineral analysis


 EXA Test
full spectrum mineral analysis
Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis


full spectrum mineral analysis



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  1.  An epithelial cell  scraping is easily obtained from the buccal or mouth area. 
  The healthcare professional scrapes the soft tissue on the floor of the mouth to
  the side of the frenulum.

  2. The buccal epithelial cell samples are deposited and fixed on specially
  prepared slides and sent to IntraCellular Diagnostics.


full spectrum mineral analysis


Fluorescent X-Ray Pattern  


                                        Spectral Analysis


  1.  The epithelial cell sample is viewed by an analytical scanning electron
  microscope and is analyzed by a proprietary Elemental EXA method. 

  • Analytical scanning electron microscopy (ASEM) and Elemental X-ray analysis   (EXA)

  2.  The specimen is bombarded by high energy electrons or X-Rays.

  3.  Energy is released by wavelengths which are distinct and unique to each
  mineral element.

  4.  From this process, the computer calculates a "spectral fingerprint" for each
  patient that  identifies the mineral electrolyte levels and ratios within the cell.

  5.  Results are mailed back to the health professional with an advisory risk factor
  status for each mineral.

  6.   Results provide an evaluation of the patient's current intracellular mineral
  electrolyte status.

  7.  The data remains permanently in our system and we provide comparative

  8.   Laboratory and Medical staff provide interpretation and protocol


Samples of Cells Under SEM Analysis

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